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Chateau de Saint-Martory

One of the most important things to remember when planning your gay marriage is the location.
Chateau de Saint-Martory totally embraces same-sex weddings and celebrations.
This 500-year old french chateau, nested in the Garonne river valley at the footstep of the Pyrenees mountains, is available for exclusive, real weddings.
Whether you are looking for a private, romantic and intimate gay wedding or a big party with hundreds of guests, Saint-Martory is the perfect venue for your "Big Day".

Produits ou services

Chateau de Saint-Martory is the perfect castle rental for holidays, family reunions, parties, seminars, vacations, weddings and wedding vow renewals.
Nested in the Garonne river valley, at the footstep of the Pyrenees mountains,
this french chateau offers a unique lifestyle experience in one of the most beautiful regions of France.

Points forts

Who wouldn’t love being king or queen for a day in a glorious french chateau? Chateau de Saint-Martory is one of the best south france holiday destinations.
This 500-year old early French Renaissance castle enjoys a spectacular setting for your family reunion.
The unique combination of gastronomy, culture, elegant living spaces and gorgeous historical suites offers the backdrop of the unforgettable holidays you always dreamed of,
lifestyle at its best.

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