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Vente Multiplayer FlashPoker Texas Hold'em and 5 cards Script

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I want to sell Multiplayer FlashPoker Texas Hold'em and 5 cards Script


-Players can play for fun (credits).

-Game play and looks similar to online poker websites.

-Fully integrated lobby with secure login and register form.

-Customizable Rooms eg: room name, number of players per room, blinds amount per room, max buy in per room.

-Unlimited number of rooms.

-In room player and dealer chats.

-Easily integrated within your website Your own logo and website name displayed on the poker table and in the lobby you will get fla files.

-Easily integrated with existing mySql databases.

-And much more

Reasons for buying the package:

-Visitors will keep coming back to your website.

-Everyone plays the game. Very easy to attract new players.

-Visitors will spend time on your website.

Screenshots -

Reply or PM me with any questions, to see demo, or to purchase.

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